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Broken Ribs Treatment

 CareCompany stocks a number of solutions for broken ribs treatment, including a range of rip splints. Broken ribs can be excruciatingly painful, and awkward to deal with. However, there are a few treatment options other than simply pain killing medication. Browse our range of broken rib care products online and find something to treat your ribs today. 

What To Do With a Broken Rib

 If you or someone close to you breaks a rib and needs fractured ribs treatment, the best course of action is to see a doctor immediately. However, if you are unable to reach a doctor, limit movement of the affected individual and check to ensure they aren't having trouble breathing and aren't feeling pain besides the broken rib itself. Sharp, piercing pain could indicate a lung punctured by the rib, or the sharp end of a broken rib. In this case, getting to a doctor and a hospital is essential, but something like a rib splint, if one is on hand, can buy time by holding the ribs in place and limiting thoracic movement. 

Broken Ribs Treatment at Home


Our rib splint pads are useful for maintaining the position of ribs to aid in healing and reduce pain. They act as an external cast for your ribs, and can be worn for long periods of time due to their quality construction. If you're looking for something to help your broken ribsthen this might just be the solution. Our rib splints come in two sizes and suit a variety of people in different situations. Rib splint treatment effectiveness depends on the patient, so check with your doctor before purchase to ensure a rib splint is right for you.

Broken ribs treatment isn't often thought about. It's rare to break a rib, but when it happens it can be debilitating. Having something like a rib splint in your home or office first aid kit can go a long way to helping treat a rib break in the event It does occur. Rib splints can hold the ribs in place until further treatment, and can drastically reduce the risk of further internal injury.

Our Products

 Small Rib splint 


  • The small Chrisofix splint comes at a size of 17 X 12 cm and is designed to support 1-3 fractured ribs. Use it any time after injury for pain relief and support.

 Large Rib Splint 


  • The large Chrisofix rib splint comes at a size of 17 X 17 cm and is designed to support 3+ fractured ribs. You can also use multiple if one rib splint is not enough, but ensure you need more than one before use.

 All our splints can be used for broken ribs treatment, fractured ribs treatment and cracked ribs treatment. 

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