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Since 1953, the name LANCO has been synonymous with innovations in tent design from Hannover, Germany. From inflatable tents in the 1960s to plastic-jointed tents in the 1970s, the LANCO design team has generally been involved. 


The full range of LANCO premium quality deployable structures and emergency tents are now available in Australia. When every second counts, it's time for our inflatable tent. In a maximum of 2 minutes per tent is set up by compressed air or with an electric blower. Or one of our extremely robust exoskeleton tents, designed to work in any environment. Or a true classic, the LANCO SG-Tent. The 40 mm aluminium frame tent impresses with simple structure and durability. Easy assembly and its stableness endure even the toughest missions. 

Our solutions

Deployable structures for defence, emergency medical and mass casualty tents, civil disaster response, logistics, equipment protection and premium camping tents.

Customised to suit your requirements

We can customise any aspect of the range to meet your specific needs. Our Australian-based team can work with you to create the design you require and our ISO 9001:2008 accredited factory will ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

professional deployable structures and emergency tents

carecompany.com.au deployable structure tents for army

Deployable structures for defence

Easy assembly and its stableness endure even the toughest missions. This exoskeleton tent is manufactured in many variants and can be used as an accommodation or medical tent with a floor area from 12 sqm to 59 sqm. 

LANCO is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the scope development, manufacturing and distribution of tents with aluminium frame, steel frame or inflatable frame and ready-made products of technical textiles. Best possible quality is our commitment.

carecompany.com.au emergency medical and mass casualty tents

Emergency medical and mass casualty tents

When every second counts, it's time for one of our inflatable rescue tents. In a maximum of 2 minutes per tent is set up by compressed air or with an electric blower. So the rescuers are not held in an emergency of their actual task. 

The full range of these premium quality medical tent and decontamination tent structures are now available in Australia.

Civil disaster response and premium camping tents

A true classic, we have with the LANCO SG-Tent. The 40 mm aluminium frame tent impresses with simple structure and durability. Your trusted partner for many years of reliable use, this range of tents is used all over the world.

Our range of tents

Exoskeleton Tents

carecompany.com.au rapid deployment exoskeleton tent

This tent range is special because of the exoskeleton frame which allows rapid deployment. Depending on the tent size two to five persons can set-up these frame tents in less than 10 minutes. 

Even in rain or dusty conditions the inner of the tent stays dry and clean during set-up, because the tent skin is pulled up and attached in one piece underneath the frame, making this tent suitable for mission critical usage. The tent skin is flame retardant acc. to DIN4102 B1,

This extremely robust tent needs a minimum of ground preparation and adapts well to the terrain due to the pull-out base plates. All our exoskeleton tents can be connected to other units by means of tent connector adapters.

The tents can withstand high wind gusts up to approx. 120 km/h and snow loads up to 50 kg/m² (sun roof necessary).  

• Fabric according to military standards
• Additional side entrances or windows
• Inner liner made of cotton, PU-coated polyester or isolation fabric
• Partition walls

Inflatable Tents

carecompany.com.au emergency medical inflatable tent

Our inflatable tents are used by medical and fire services, rescue services, civil defence, the police and armed forces. The tents can be set-up by one person in less than two minutes. Suitable for,

  • Mass casualties, Triage
  • Field hospitals and camps
  • First aid posts
  • Command posts
  • Accommodation and Catering
  • Weatherproof shelter for sensitive equipment and workshops

Self-erecting inflatable tents with a completely inflatable frame. All supporting elements are made of airtight fabric. The tents can be set up by only one person using an electric blower or compressed air. 

  • Modular design
  • Multifunctional
  • All tents interconnectable
  • Reliable - Transportable
  • Floor area: 10 m² – 60 m²
  • Span: 3:40 m – 5.70 m
  • Flame resistant, UV-resistant material

Multi Purpose Tents

carecompany.com.au multi purpose tents

A general purpose tent with aluminium frame and accessories.
Tent skin made of LANCO-heavy-duty fabric. Entrance in front and back gable,
gables are detachable and divisible, walls can be rolled-up to the eaves, 4 windows 60 x 40 cm incl. exterior shutter in panel 2 and 3, tent bag, accessory bag and bag for the frame.

The frame system consists of anodized aluminium tubes, diameter 40 mm. The connectors and base plates are made of an aluminium alloy. (all poles with a length of 1.94 m)

Wall thickness of 1.5 mm of the material AL Mg 4,5 Mn.
Yield strength: Rp0,2 = 330-340 N/mm2
Ultimate strength: Rm = 350-370 N/mm2
Peg, 20 mm diameter, hot-dip galvanised iron with top forged on, 700 g, 300 mm long
T-peg, galvanised iron, 300 mm long 
Peg with hook, galvanised steel, 300 mm long.

  LANCO tents are made of LANCO heavy-duty fabric twisted cotton-polyester 50%/50%Yarn.

LANCO-heavy-duty fabric is permeable to the air, rot-resistant, water pressure proof laminated and is extremely tearproof as well as highly protective against UV-rays.

Available colours, blue, sand, off-white and olive green.

Logistics, Event & Auditorium Tents

Suitable for logistics, events and equipment protection, these tents are available in a range of sizes and with or without solid floors.

ALU-Tent 6/230

6,00 m x 6,00 m = 36,00 m ²
Span: 6,00 m
Truss distance: 3,00 m
Height side wall: 2,30 m
Height at ridgen: 3,38 m
Roof angle: 20

ALU-Tent 8/230

8,00 m x 6,00 m = 48,00 m ²
Span: 8,00 m
Truss distance: 3,00 m
Height side wall: 2,30 m
Height at ridge: 3,74 m
Roof angle: 20º

ALU-Tent 10/230

10,00 m x 6,00 m = 60,00 m ²
Span: 10,00 m
Truss distance: 3,00 m
Height side wall: 2,30 m
Height at ridgen: 4,10 m
Roof angle: 20º

Mass Decontamination Shower

carecompany.com.au mass inflatable decontamination shower tent

Mass Decontamination Shower ARZ

Shower cabin made of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric (600 g/m²), watertight, mildew resistant, with large transparent windows. Floor made of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric, watertight, mildew resistant, with anti-slip embossing (850 g/m²). 

Hose arch with full cone nozzles (4.7 l/min at 3 bar per nozzle), hand shower with 1.5m hose, stop-cock, D-coupling for water supply, C-coupling for waste water. 

Inflatable frame made of airtight double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric (1100 g/m²), connected with the shower cabin by a rope. The decontamination shower can be erected with compresses air cylinders or an electric blower in approx. 1 minute. A pressure relief valve prevents the frame from overfilling.

CBRN Protection System

carecompany.com.au CBRN protection system

The safety of people deployed, particularly in crisis areas, has top priority. To protect against nuclear, chemical and biological weapons like bacteria and viruses LANCO developed a Colpro system for mobile applications. 

As protection against chemical weapons in liquid or gaseous form, nuclear or biological weapons in the form of dust or aerosols, or for the aftermath of nuclear or chemical accidents: 

The NBC protection system can be erected within minutes on almost any foundation or within sealed rooms. In contaminated environments it facilitates the safe stationing of deployment personnel and can simultaneously be used as medical treatment room, command centre or patient room for injured people who are unable to take any individual measures of protection. This is the ideal and variable solution for creating a complete NBC protection area.

Brochure Downloads

Deployable structures brochure (pdf)


LANCO exoskeleton tent (pdf)


LANCO inflatable tent (pdf)


LANCO ISO9001 Certificate 2016 (PDF)


Inflatable rescue tent set set up video

How to erect our inflatable first responder tent. Strong dependable shelter in less than two minutes.

Framed Multi purpose tent set up Video

How to erect our framed multi purpose SG series tent. They can provide reliable shelter for a day or for months.

Inflatable Decontamination tent set up video

Check out this video, it demonstrates how easy it is to erect this tent in less than two minutes.

Our range of LED lights provides lighting solutions for any task. 

Outside or inside we can supply a solution to suit your needs.  

We have a range of power options as well to suit, 240 volt AC, 12-36 volt DC or solar powered for urban or remote locations.

carecompany.com.au solar LED lights brochure (pdf)


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