Glamping Tents

Do Life Different!


Experience the revolution, a reinvention of the classic camping experience.

carecompany is creating bespoke glamping tents for the modern camper. We specialise in designing and creating camping tents, unrivaled in quality. 

Choose from our luxury range, or design exactly to your specifications. 

In the 19th century, explorers used luxury tents to make their way through the new world. They saw sights no-one had ever seen, and firmly established themselves as pioneers. Now it's your turn. With the re-invention of these luxury safari tents as glamping, you can take on the world like the travelers of old. 

Built to Function, Designed to Excite


Our tents are designed to impress, while at the same time offering unrivaled protection from the elements, all of our tents are built with design, comfort and durability in mind.  You will never need to by another tent again . Travel the country in style and comfort and leave your worries to the wind.  

We take a leaf out of the explorer's handbook, and design all our tents with the notion in mind that anything could happen. All our tents are with some of the most durable materials available to keep you safe and comfortable. 

Complete Custom Design


Your search for the perfect tent ends here. We offer complete custom design for glamping tents, creating tents for customers all over the world. A glamping tent is an expression of the owner, and an extension of their personality. Let us design for you the perfect tent to fit your style. Or come to us with a design of your own creation, and let us make it a reality. 

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Glamping Adventures!


 We offer custom designs for both commercial and private use. If you're looking for custom glamping tents for commercial purposes, contact our team today. We can help design and build tents for resorts, events, camping retreats and more.  

From crafting a single glamping tent, to supporting a whole resort, we can help you. For your security and safety, we also sell high quality security alarm systems and cameras.                                                                        Call us today for a quote. 1800 284 446