Ankle and foot splints

Resting splints for foot and ankle region, including Achilles tendon following injuries and surgery

The splint is delivered in a prefabricated form with the most frequently used angle (90°). If necessary, open only the foot parts of the lateral fixation plate, set the required angle, and fix it again by closing them (in the case of injuries of the Achilles tendon, fix the leg in a slightly stretched position of 110–120°. The knee tendon must be reposed slightly crooked with the help of a cushion).

Put the leg with the plantar side into the prefabricated splint. Adjust the splint carefully to the leg/ankle and fasten it with the bandages.

Measuring Length of the Foot Part Number
XXXS (Children small) <18 cm 821 119 103
XXS (Children large) 18-20 cm 822 119 103
XS (Extra small) 20-22 cm 823 119 103
S (Small) 23-24.5 cm 824 119 103
M (Medium) 25-27.5 cm 826 119 103
L (Large) 27.5< cm 828 119 103
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