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Self-erecting inflatable tents


 carecompany is Australia's only reseller for LANCO military tents Australia. Since 1953, LANCO has been manufacturing tents for defence, medical, emergency response and more, focusing on durability and high-quality construction in their design. Carecompany is bringing the full range of LANCO Military Tents to Australia, with complete options for customisation to exactly suit your needs.

For weathering the dust storms in central Australia or establishing a safe zone in a crisis, a LANCO Military tent will keep you in good stead. We stock several designs for defence including  self-erecting inflatable and exoskeleton  framed structures  for rapid response and accommodation and logistics aluminium framed tents .

Exoskeleton military tents

Exoskeleton military tent

Exoskeleton tents allow for rapid deployment and can be used in any situation. A team of 2-3 people can set up one of these structures in under 10 minutes, and it can stand without issues for months. 

 Even in rain or dusty conditions the inner of the tent stays dry and clean during set-up, because the tent skin is pulled up and attached in one piece underneath the frame, making this tent suitable for mission critical usage. The tent skin is flame retardant acc. to DIN4102 B1, 

These tents can withstand winds of up to 120km/h and can be set up almost anywhere due to its structure and pull out base plates. Additionally, all LANCO exoskeleton tents can be connected to each other through the use of tent connector adaptors to create larger and more complex structures.

Accommodation tents

Accommodation Tents

 A general purpose tent with aluminium frame and accessories. Tent skin made of LANCO-heavy-duty fabric. Entrance in front and customisable interiors to suit your needs.

  LANCO tents are made of LANCO heavy-duty fabric twisted cotton-polyester 50%/50%Yarn.  

LANCO-heavy-duty fabric is permeable to the air, rot-resistant, water pressure proof laminated and is extremely tearproof as well as highly protective against UV-rays.

Available colours, blue, sand, off-white and olive green.

Completely customisable tents


All of our tents are completely customisable to suit your specific needs. Our team is based in Australia are able to fulfill any customisation requirements you might have. Additionally, we can work with you to create completely custom tent designs to fulfill niche requirements and specific needs. We also  keep self-erecting tents in stock,if you want to set up a tent as quickly as possible.  Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our team has all the skills and resources available to ensure your request is completed on time and to the highest standard.  

carecompany military tents Australia


 There is no substitute for perfection. That may sound cliché, but when lives are at risk, you need equipment you can rely on to protect you and all the people using it. All the tents we sell are checked for quality, so you can be sure they will perform when you need them most. For more information on LANCO military tents and our customisation options, call our team on 1800 284 446 or email us at