Emergency Community Hub

Emergency Community Hub


Power generation and storage

Lights for all situations

 Dependable and easy to use

Carecompany helps communities with preparedness in case of fire, flood or storm damage to critical infrastructure.

We provide emergency shelters, light and power that are practical, affordable, simple to store, and easy to use with little training.

bushfire destroyed buildings
flooded street
damaged power pole

Are you prepared?

If residents in your community are suddenly cut off from power and supplies, do you have the resources to respond?

Do you have the infrastructure your community needs to quickly respond to a major incident?

Is your emergency response infrastructure audited, tested, dependable and easy to use?


Emergency Community Hub

The Emergency Community Hub is a selection of equipment that can be scaled up to provide safe, well-lit shelter with power generation and storage.

It provides a focal point for a community in the immediate aftermath of an incident. Residents can easily set up the hub themselves, with no training required.

It provides a place for medical surge situations, command and control, immediate accommodation and logistics.

The hub has power and light so that residents have a safe place to gather and can charge their mobile phones and laptops. It also provides kitchen and storage space for first responders and residents.

The hub can be stored in less space than a single car garage. In the event of a man-made or natural disaster, residents can self-deploy the hub, without having to wait for the army or national response teams.

major incident tent village inside a stadium
disaster relief frame tent village
connecting tents to trailers or mobile support vehicles

Power solutions for emergency response

Our range includes solutions for:
• portable solar and wind generation systems, they can provide power for local mobile phone towers as well as temporary power for 240v devices.

We help your residents with practical solutions so that they can bounce back from a critical event.
Our shelters are used in over 60 countries to help communities in the aftermath of a major incident.

Our solar LED lights are 2018 Australian Design Award winners. Our goal is to ensure that your community gets the best value solution for its needs.

Talk to us

Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to the emergency response equipment you have, Care company can help you design an Emergency Community Hub to suit your community’s needs and budget.


Contact us today!

We provide a free audit to help you work out what you already have and what else you need to ensure your community is ready.

Email info@carecompany.com.au or call 1800 28 44 46.

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inside alternate command tent
inflatable tent in a transport crate
inflatable tent inflator
inflatable tent inflator air hose
connectable tent flooring tiles

Care company was one of 16 companies asked to present our Emergency Community Hub at the recent CIVDEF 2021 conference in Brisbane.

CivDEF 2021
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Care company emergency lighting solutions are available here.