When every minute counts, it’s time for one of our exoskeleton tents. What makes this tent range so special is the exoskeleton frame, which allows rapid deployment. Even in rain or snow the inner of the tent stays dry during set up, because the tent skin is pulled up and attached in one piece underneath the frame.

Depending on the tent size, two to five persons can set up these frame tents in less than 10 minutes. These robust tents need a minimum of ground preparation and adapt well to the terrain due to the pull-out base plates. The tents can withstand high winds in gusts up to approx. 120 km/h and snow loads up to 50 kg/m² with the sun roof.

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Exoskeleton tents white

The exoskeleton tents are designed to provide an extremely robust structure for use in practically any location. These tents are interconnectable and have ducts for air, power and water connections from the outside to ensure the tent is fully operational for whatever requirements you have.

With a built-in floor, large doors and high ceilings, these tents can be erected in any weather and provide a clean, watertight and immensely robust working space anywhere you need it. These tents can be erected for months at a time. They are used by defence forces and industrial customers that require flexible temporary structures which can be relocated quickly and stored in a vehicle or on a small footprint in a warehouse.

Our standard range of colours includes white, sand and NATO green.

tent skin white
tent skin brown
tent skin dark green

Watch this short video on how to set up the rapid deployment exoskeleton tent.

There are three sizes of exoskeleton tent frame to choose from.

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