Carecompany offers a wide range of solar lighting solutions for outdoor spaces. With durable design and robust construction, they’re suitable for outdoor use even in the toughest of conditions. View our range of outdoor solar lights online and choose between solar-powered lights, LED light bars, LED flood lights and more. Carecompany can provide you with everything you need to light up commercial and public spaces. In situations where reliable lighting is critical, choose Carecompany. View our products online and contact us today to order.

Plug and Play Solar Light Technology

All our outdoor solar lights support “plug and play” connections, allowing for easy set-up and installation, as well as integration with other Carecompany products. If you’re looking to connect multiple lights, run lights on both solar and mains power, or simply create a comprehensive and robust lighting solution, our lights make it possible. Discuss your needs with our team today and we can help you find the solar-powered lights that are right for you.

Solar lighting outdoor on pole

Why Choose Carecompany Solar Outdoor Lighting?

All our solar panels are built to deliver incredible results. They’re built with high quality materials and designed with your needs in mind, whether you’re lighting up a courtyard or park, or need reliable lighting for emergency response situations.

Rugged and Durable

All our lights are designed to stand up to harsh Australian weather conditions, including heat, rain, and hail. They’re also insect-resistant and feature an anti-corrosion casing for increased protection.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Carecompany solar lights are designed to provide you with long-lasting, low-power lighting solutions. All our lights are solar-powered or compatible, ensuring completely eco-friendly lighting.

Easy Installation

Most of our solar LED lights can be installed by simply screwing in the mounting plate to a wall or frame. Then just make sure everything that needs to be plugged in is connected and you’re ready to go!

Care Company Solar Lighting Solutions

solar flood outdoor light

Solar Flood Light

Our solar flood lights are excellent as solar security lights, or simply for illuminating large spaces. With LED bulbs they’re self sufficient and incredibly energy efficient.

solar flood smart lights

Solar LED Task Light Bars

Carecompany LED light bars can be connected to our solar panels for indoor and outdoor use. Lasting up to 50,000 hours, they can provide reliable lighting in all situations.

solar flood light night

Solar-powered Street Lights

We offer a range of easy set-up solar-powered street lighting solutions. These products are great for temporary installations or longer term requirements.

Order Carecompany LED Outdoor Solar Lights

If you require lighting for commercial applications, illuminating large spaces, industrial sites, or even emergency and disaster response, our outdoor solar lights are up to the challenge.

We can customise all aspects of our lights and manufacture in short production runs to suit your project. Lens selection, programming options and customised brackets are just some of the features we can offer for the best lighting outcome.

They’re durable, cost effective, and completely self-sustaining, able to operate 100% off-grid if required. If you’re considering Carecompany lighting for your needs, talk to an experienced member of our team today. We can help you find the lighting that’s right for you and get it delivered to your location.

Discuss your needs with our team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While you could use our solar lights for your home or garden, they are designed to provide rugged lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, and emergency response applications.

If you’re looking for residential solar-powered garden or security lights, try your local hardware store. While we do offer lighting for security and garden applications, it’s not the ideal solution for home garden lighting.

Our solar lights are ideal for the exterior walls of buildings, on a pole or even in a tree. They are designed for harsh environments for commercial and industrial use. We supply mounts for poles and can custom-make brackets, allowing them to be used anywhere in the world with no power source required. They are powered by a solar panel, and can operate completely autonomously for many years at a time.