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Developed Dr Kalman Bolla, founder of Chrisofix® AG Ltd Switzerland. Since 1995, Chrisofix® AG Ltd has been continuously extending its range by developing new products, manufactured to meet ISO 13485:2016 standards.

Smarter Technology

Chrisofix technology provides a cast this is stable and mouldable at the same time

 The Chrisofix® technology provides a cast this is stable and mouldable at the same time. It allows you to create orthoses quickly adjustable and re-adjustable without water or heat in seconds.

Reduces Pain and Improve Healing

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Chrisofix® orthoses provide unique therapeutic approaches for habitual overnight immobilisation, or regularly interruptions of long lasting immobilisation for daily hygiene or controlled physiotherapy. This can help healing time and reduce pain drug usage.

Unique Treatment Features

Chrisofix orthosis for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

The Chrisofix® orthoses provide semicircular or circular stable fixation, they are adjustable and re-adjustable without water or heat, in seconds. Their re-adjustment is possible also directly on the patient. They are suitable for treatment for carpal tunnel, thumb joint pain and tendonitis hand. Check out our carpal tunnel splint to support your wrist.

Post Surgery Resting Orthosis

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The initial care of injured and/or surgically treated extremities often includes a temporary and subsequent repeated splinting or casting. Chrisofix® has made a splint line for limb surgery. Orthotic devices for the ankle, knee, elbow and forearm are available improving hygiene for the patient.

Habitual Overnight Resting

Chrisofix orthosis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Saddle Joint Osteoarthritis from

Habitual nightly immobilisation reduces the life disturbing pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Saddle Joint Osteoarthritis and reduces dependancy on pain medicines and improve day time usage of the affected hand.  

Brochures and Clinical Studies to Download

Chrisofix Rib Orthosis (Chest Splint) Brochure (pdf)


Chrisofix Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Orthosis (pdf)


Chrisofix Saddle Joint Osteoarthritis Orthosis Brochure (pdf)


Chrisofix Complete Product Catalogue (pdf)


Chrisofix Childrens Product Catalogue (pdf)


Chrisofix Key Benefits Introduction Brochure (pdf)


Chrisofix - shorten the hospitalisation of rib fracture patients study (pdf)


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome conservative interventions study (pdf)


Saddle Joint Osteoarthritis Orthosis Study (pdf)


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