Carecompany offers a range of large-scale event lighting for indoor and outdoor events. Quickly and easily illuminate your event space with solar lighting, all-weather floodlights, light bars and more. All our lighting solutions are designed to be easy to install and connect, ensuring you can set up strong and reliable lighting for your event as you need it. Call us today to discuss your lighting needs.

Professional Grade Expo Lights & Lighting Solutions

Carecompany lights are ideal for public spaces and events like music festivals, outdoor exhibitions and conferences. They provide a brilliant high light output, transforming spaces into comfortable, well-lit event spaces. They can be easily adapted to suit different event needs such as short term, medium-term or long term. If you’re not sure which of our lights will best meet your needs, talk to our team today. We can help you put together a lighting system for your event and supply you with the event lighting you need to make it happen.

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Solar Powered Event Lighting

If you’re running an event over multiple days, or you’re in a remote space with limited power, our solar lights are an excellent solution. We offer both standalone solar lights and lighting for our 40W solar panels, allowing you to customise your lighting to suit your needs. Our solar event lighting is designed to provide you with consistent lighting without requiring access to mains power, ensuring you always have lighting when you need it.

Why Choose Carecompany Lighting?

Rugged and Weatherproof

Our lighting is designed to stand up to the world’s toughest conditions. They’re heat resistant, water resistant, and insect resistant.

Smart and Simple to Use

The screw mounting system makes our lighting easy to install and position, ensuring you can get the best results for your event.

Consistent Lighting Throughout the Night

With a full charge, our battery-powered solar lights can last 17 hours. Connected to power they last as long as you need them to.

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Choose Carecompany for Your Next Event

If you need reliable event and expo lights for an indoor or outdoor event space, call Carecompany today. We can provide you with the lighting you need to ensure your event runs smoothly throughout the night. With event lighting equipment available and select accessories to make things as easy as possible, we’re the number one choice for robust lighting solutions in Australia.

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