Solar Outdoor Lighting built to last, with a large solar panel and battery combined with optic control sensor to prolong the illumination life to up to 23 hours on a single charge. Features include a unique pressure release valve to release heat pressure build-up and a polycarbonate lens to prevents clouding and yellowing from time and weather. Care Company Solar Outdoor Lighting is built with the highest quality material and modular components internally for easy maintenance and replacement parts to prolong the product life cycle and less material wastage for the environment.

Heavy duty solar powered light
Solar powered street lights

Solar outdoor lighting solutions

Care Company street lights provide sustainable solar outdoor lighting completely off grid that is affordable and easy to use.

  • Three sizes are available depending on the size of the area you need lit. 30W, 48W and 80W models.
  • Affordable long-term lighting solution.
  • High efficiency of the light will consume less electricity.
  • Better controlled lighting reduces light pollution.
  • Built with the highest quality material and modular components for easy maintenance to prolong the product life cycle and less material wastage.
  • No global warming emissions for the light reducing the carbon foot print.
Heavy duty solar powered light

Solar street light 30W

Solar powered street lights

Solar street light 48W

care company Off-grid light and power systems

Solar street light 80W

Why choose care company solar powered street lights

Our solar powered street lights provide a more permanent outdoor security lighting solution, our solar-powered street lights are the perfect choice.

  • Solar power allows these street lights to be placed anywhere you need them
  • Completely standalone with inbuilt batteries and solar panels.
  • Ideal for construction sites, emergency use and off-grid areas.
  • They provide bright solar outdoor lighting where you need it, when you need it
  • Care Company can create custom lighting solutions to fit your needs.

Shop online and buy our solar outdoor lighting today. Care Company products use the latest LED lighting technology, making them efficient, effective and affordable. With Care Company solar lighting you can save on your electricity bill and do your part for the environment. Our lights provide commercial-grade illumination and are perfect for any situation, whether you’re setting up a campsite or illuminating the work zone. For more information on our solar outdoor lights, or if you have any questions, contact our team today.

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