Designed to provide exceptional lighting in the fiercest environments, OCEANRAY LED Flood Lights are perfect for use in shipyards, on commercial craft, and in blue or brown water applications.

With a variety of beam angles ranging from 3 to 90 degrees, and available power ranging from 70 to 1000 watts, OCEANRAY floodlights are specially treated to resist corrosion and are salt spray resistant so you can be assured of rugged dependability and long-life, while enjoying exceptional light output.

Premium aluminium housing with heavy duty lens offers toughness against impacts, vibrations and resistance to harsh ocean environment while providing long term dependability. The LEDs have a colour temperature of 5000K to provide near daylight environments for optimal vision.

Recently select models of the marine flood lights have been UL1598A certified to meet standards for use in maritime environments.

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best long range lights

We can create a free custom lighting design to fit your needs. Email us a floor plan of the area you need lit and we can provide a lighting plan to cover the area with your desired light quality.

We can fully customise your lighting set-up to meet your needs. With our Australian R&D we can make your customised lights to order in small production runs.

We can help you work out which lights are right for your needs. If you have any questions about our lighting or our other products, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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