Everything you need to provide a remote power source in a single, pallet-sized box

PowerBox is an off-grid power system that is easy to transport and quick to deploy. Designed for operating low power AC or DC equipment, everything you need to provide a remote power source is neatly fitted into a single, pallet sized box. In less than an hour, it is now possible to set up a complete solar-wind hybrid power supply, with the option of an autostart backup generator, or even a methanol fuel cell.

Typical applications include:

Telemetry systems

Environmental monitoring

Remote weather stations

LIDAR & SODAR installations

Rural WiFi and broadband

Radio repeater stations

CCTV and security systems

LED lighting (disaster relief)

UPS backup power supplies

Off Grid Power Generation and Storage -1

Air and Sea freight friendly: VRLA AGM batteries in the PowerBox comply with IATA Special Provisions A48 and A67 and are non-restricted goods. They are securely packaged, protected from short circuits and isolated with external switch. Each battery is strapped down, all batteries are in an internal case within an external protective metal case.

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