Our range of hospital tents are used by medical and rescue services for protection and cover for medical emergencies in over 30 countries.

Made since 1953 and used by government health services, International NGOs such as the Red Cross, UN and entities such as airports, ambulance and firefighting departments.

Set-up hospital tents fast

When time is critical an inflatable self-erecting tent is the perfect solution to get people under cover and safe in the fastest time possible. Our inflatable self-erecting tents are very simple to set up by two or three people in a matter of minutes. Either by an electric air blower or by compressed air cylinders. Care company has a large range of hospital tents suitable for almost any environment and we can custom build any part of the tent for your requirements.

Immensely strong, watertight, for use in hot or cold climates, flame resistant and UV protected they are complete with a built-in floor, ventilation ducts, power and water openings. These tents are ready to deployed by vehicle, boat or by air, with some of the lowest weights in their class making transport easier.

  • Emergency hospital wards
  • Operating theatres
  • Triage or first aid posts
  • Command posts
  • Emergency staff facilities
  • Shelter for sensitive equipment
hospital tent

Intelligent tent design

Our tents are all modular in design, allowing them to interconnect with each other to create larger and more complex structures. Positive pressure inside the tents is also possible, allowing you to seal the tent to block dirt, dust and other things from entering the tent space. This also makes for easy cleaning, as the inside of the tent can be kept almost completely clean if needed.

set-up hospital tents
intelligent tent design
custom tent design

Sizing and structure

The sizing for our inflatable self-erecting hospital tent starts at 10 m² up to 60 m², with a span of 3.4m to 5.7m. No special tools or frames required.

hospital tent care company
set-up hospital tents care company
ARZ 40 inflatable tent
custom tent design care company

Customised solutions for your needs

We can also custom design for you depending on your individual requirements and specifications.

Our factory is ISO 9001 certified and completely equipped to handle any requests you might have in regards to customisation.

care company management system ISO 9001
care company registered ISO 13485
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Here to help

If you have any questions regarding purchasing, customising or using any of our inflatable self-erecting hospital tents, give our friendly team a call on 1800 28 44 46 in Australia or +613 8334 2022 if calling from overseas.

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