When every second counts, it’s time for a Carecompany emergency inflatable tent. One person can in just 3 to 4 minutes set up the tent.

Our inflatable self-erecting tents make it easy to set up a tent for whatever purpose. They are suitable for emergency services, and are convenient when you require a stable, safe and clean work environment to complete the task at hand.

The tents are easy and compact to store and can be transported by road or air.

We have a wide range of inflatable emergency shelters, inflatable emergency tents and more, for use in emergency and disaster situations. Browse our range online or call our team today for more info.

Emergency response self-erecting inflatable tents

Fast and simple assembly

No assembly is required, no poles, no separate parts, no team of people with tent pitching skills, just unpack, roll out and connect the inflator and you have a structure up in a few minutes. A watertight and immensely robust space anywhere you need it. Once inflated the tent remains erected, the inflator is not required to supply constant air to the tent. Strong materials create pipes out of air, and provide you with a tent that can handle even the toughest of situations.

LANCO inflatable emergency shelters

The advantages of a LANCO’s inflatable emergency shelters lie in quick and easy assembly and disassembly, as well as a modular design, easy transportation with floor areas from 10 m² to 60 m² and spans of 3.40 m to 5.70 m and made using a PVC-coated fabric that is both UV and fire resistant. All seams are produced using high frequency (HF) welding techniques, including between the tent skin and flooring. This ensures a seamless finish, sealing off the space and protecting what’s inside.

Stable shelter in any situation

Our inflatable emergency shelters are often used as command and control centres, emergency medical centres, emergency services response teams at airports and for major incidents that require extended clean-up or personnel requirements. From small scale operations to larger, long-term camps, these tents can stand up to even the toughest of situations. The fabric they’re made of is highly tear resistant, UV-resistant, oil and grease resistant and fire resistant. It can withstand temperatures between -30°C and 70°C, and is fungicidally treated to prevent mould growing.

Inflatable emergency shelter features

  • Floor sizes range 10 m² – 60 m² floor space
  • Sewn-in floor covering of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [550 g/m²].
  • Completely inflatable frame, made of airtight double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [850 g/m²]
  • Eaves height 2 m
  • Ridge height 2.95 m
  • Tent width 5.50 m
  • Flame and UV resistant tent material
  • Dust resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable and tear resistant

Customise your emergency inflatable tent

Our standard range has 10 colours. Other colours and logo printing are available on request. We can customise the colour and style of your chosen tents to suit your needs, make them stand out in the field, or add branding where necessary. Our tents are used all across the world, in developing nations and in emergency situations. They can form a temporary or semi-permanent shelter and the high-quality materials used in their construction guarantee safety and security for extended periods of time. Their stability allows them to be used in far more than just emergency situations.

Watch this short video on how to set-up our inflatable tent in minutes.

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