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Melbourne, Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast security alarms and CCTV

With over 20 years’ of experience, carecompany.com.au will provide you the best solution for your family’s needs.

The best deterrent is a good quality security system with obvious warning signage that your property is being actively monitored 24 hours a day.

Our systems are installed by Police registered installers who will ensure that your home is left neat and tidy as they found it.

Affordable, effective and easy-to-use 24-hour security

As a family business, we understand the importance of good old fashioned service and respect. We are here to assist you with independent advice to give you the best security solution you can afford.

Call us today to benefit from our experience. We have installed over 5000 alarm systems since 1998.

We provide a deterrent to theft that functions when your property is empty or occupied. Active security protection that sends clips of video to your phone when people are detected and keeps your property safe and secure 24-hours a day.

shop office security alarm system
$790 1 x CCTV - DSC Alarm Kit with 2 PIRS & 2 reeds

Protector System CCTV and alarm security special offer!

Fully installed in Melbourne, Geelong or Surf Coast. Suitable for homes, shops and offices.

One CCTV security camera connected to your existing wifi for recording with sound and fast alerts for activity straight to your phone.

DSC Impassa alarm system, LCD code pad, two pet friendly PIR motion sensors and two door sensors, an external siren with blue strobe light, internal siren, 240V power supply and battery back-up.

Installed $790 incl GST 

The equipment is supplied with a two year equipment warranty. Installation is subject to terms and conditions.

Alert notifications and control of your CCTV from your mobile phone

Person/Vehicle Detection
Discerns people and vehicles from other objects. More accurate alerts.

Colour Night Vision
Keeps recording in full colour with spotlight on after sundown.

2K 4MP Super HD
2X clearer than 1080p HD. More details, better visual experience.

Better wifi connection
Flexibly with 5GHz or 2.4GHz wifi for stronger & more stable signals.


CCTV camera app

Alarm.com APP provides a smarter solution for alarm monitoring, independent living and home security.

Connecting to Alarm.com the DSC equipment will provide real time information delivered to your Android or Apple smartphone. A door open too long? Monitored smoke detectors. Lack of activity. These are just some of the situations that provides you with APP notifications.

World leading technology installed in Melbourne, Geelong & Surf Coast.

Monthly ongoing service for all data and APP connectivity starts from just $220 per year incl GST.

The video below explains how you can receive real time information in the Alarm.com APP on your phone.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras, Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast

Simply brilliant! Our CCTV cameras are feature packed.

Clear vision with 2K (4MP) high definition video recording

Motion activated spot light built in

Hear and speak through the app to the camera

Colour night vision. Solar powered, with lithium battery. Still records video when there is a power cut.

5 & 2.4 GHz wifi network connectable with long range.

Video door bells

Know who is at your front door when you are home and when you are not there.

Make deliveries to your home or small business simpler.

Speak to the person at your door when you are not there.

We can supply and install an internet connected video doorbell system to suit your needs.

Security installations in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula & The Surf Coast.

Hanwha Vision CCTV

We supply & install security systems to protect your business.

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Protect your business assets

With over 20 years of experience, carecompany.com.au will tailor the best solution for your business to suit your budget and you can control it all from one hand.

Our deterrent is a good quality security system with our warning signage that your property is being actively monitored 24 hours a day.

Our Grade 1 alarm monitoring centre service will enable a response by a security patrol and Police.

Smoke, flood and glass break detectors can also be added to your system for real peace of mind.

Your security system will be installed by Police registered installer who ensure that your business is well protected.


Don’t have an internet connection where you would like to have a security camera?

We also supply a 4G CCTV cameras, we simply put a prepaid SIM card into the camera so it works anywhere there is coverage.

4G CCTV camera with solar power

4G solar CCTV cameras

Smart motion detection, powered by the sun with a lithium battery and 4G SIM connectivity. This camera can be installed anywhere there is mobile phone coverage.

No ongoing cost for the app connectivity to your phone.

Real-time alerts, you are alerted when the camera senses movement. You can configure when notifications are sent  – all the time or on a specific schedule.

Choose to activate the options below to detect and deter intruders on your property.

  • Spotlight on the camera that activates when it is dark.
  • Push notifications to your mobile device, be aware of what is happening in real time.
  • Email alerts with on-scene snapshots, these are separate to push notifications.
  • Siren, the siren will be triggered when motion is detected. You can also customise the activation of the siren or record your own desired voice message instead of a siren noise.
  • Optional cloud backup storage in addition to the included recording in the camera, up to 5 cameras is $55 per year.



Alarm.com’s patented security and interactive technology provides best in class protection and the ability to monitor your property 24/7.

Lastest technology

A dedicated connection, stay protected and connected, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected or the power goes out.

From wherever you are

Remotely arm and disarm your security system directly from your smartphone. Receive notifications when there is activity at your property.

CCTV video sent to your smartphone

Get video clips sent directly to you via push or email when the front door opens, the alarm goes off or when motion is detected.

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