Kitchen and multipurpose tents

These sturdy tents are used as professional kitchens, for storage and for accommodation.

LANCO tents are made of LANCO heavy-duty fabric. This fabric is permeable to the air, rot-resistant, laminated to be water pressure-proof and extremely tearproof as well as highly protective against UV rays. The fabric is a twisted 50% cotton / 50% polyester yarn. The standard tent is made with an entrance in the front gable (toggle closing) and has a window (60 x 40 cm) with an exterior shutter in the back wall.

Tent specifications

  • The frame system consists of anodised aluminium tubes with a diameter of 40 mm. The connectors and base plates are made of an aluminium alloy.
  • Wall thickness of 1.5 mm of the material AL Mg 4.5 Mn
  • Yield strength: Rp0.2 = 330–340 N/mm2
  • Ultimate strength: Rm = 350–370 N/mm2
  • Pegs are a 20 mm diameter, hot-dip galvanised iron with top forged on, 700 g, 300 mm long
  • T-pegs are galvanised iron, 300 mm long

All our tents can be customised to suit your needs – please call us to find out more.

Our standard range of colours includes blue, sand, off-white and olive.

tent skin purple
tent skin brown
tent skin white
tent skin grey

Watch this short video on how to set-up the SG range of framed tents.

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