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When every second counts, you need one of Care Company’s inflatable self-erecting decontamination tents. In 3 to 4 minutes a shower tent can be set up by compressed air or with an electric inflator. Our inflatable self-erecting decontamination shower tents take the guesswork out of putting the tent up. Suitable for emergency services personnel that require a structure to provide a professional, safe decontamination space.

We can completely customise all our tents, allowing you to get the exact specifications you need to suit your operation. Talk to our team today for more information.

Fast shower tent set-up

Our tents do not require any assembly. There are no poles to set up or separate parts to put together. Simply unpack the tent, roll it out and inflate it using the provided inflator or an air cylinder. In just a few minutes you’ll have the shower tent ready to use.

LANCO tents are also easy to disassemble and transport, and are completely water and can be dust-tight negative pressure if you need them to be.

The PVC-coated fabric used to create them is UV and fire resistant.

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Water supply:

Water supply is always from the left bottom corner of the front side.

Standard is Storz D coupling, we can also supply any other type of coupling.

The decon shower 2x2m always has one spray arc with five nozzles 1,5 l/min each, decon shower 2×3 and 3×4,5m have two spray arcs with 5 nozzles1,5 l/min each. As a standard the water supply for all nozzles is switched on and off by one ball valve with a blue handle left side of the door on the inside.

We provide one hand spray shower with trigger per spray arc, this hand shower is independent of the spray arc, you can use it separately.


Water discharge:

Gravity discharge, then we can provide a coupling at the bottom of the tub and a hose is attached.

Suction pump inside the shower. Then we either need to provide another opening through the tent skin (like a small cable passage at the tent), where the discharge hose goes through, or the discharge hose through one door opening (this is always possible, also with our standard solution, refer below).

This is our standard: Suction pump outside the shower. We provide a Storz C-coupling at the outside of the shower, a Storz D coupling at the inside and a green 1 mtr suction hose with Storz D-coupling. The hose will be connected to the inside coupling. Attach a suction hose to the outside C-coupling which goes to the suction pump.

Shower with front tub:

The discharge is together with the inner of the shower. There are two hard plastic openings between the inner of the shower and the front pre-trough.

fast decontamination tent set-up

Mass casualty decontamination tents

The LANCO inflatable decontamination tents for mass casualty events.

Male and female separated shower and changing areas. Designed for rapid deployment for large scale decontamination.

They are the pinnacle of safety in the field, and represent years of research and development in the field of decontamination, hazard prevention and emergency management.

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