Length: 4.50 m

Width: 3.00 m

Height: 2.60 m

Weight: 135 kg

Shower cubicle: 2.90 x 3.00 m

Changing room: 1.20 x 3.00 m

Nozzles: 10

Hand showers: 2

Shower sheets: 2

Decontamination shower ARZ 3 x 4.5 m

Shower cubicle and floor

Shower cabin made of double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric (600 g / m²), waterproof, anti-fouling equipped with large transparent windows. Floor made of double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric with non-slip embossing (850 g / m²).


Hose bend system with full cone nozzles (4.7 l / min at 3 bar per nozzle), hand shower with 1.5m hose, D coupling for water inlet, C coupling for suction hose.


Inflatable, made of airtight double-sided PVC-coated polyester fabric 1100 g / m², connected to the shower cubicle by a rope. The decontamination shower is inflated with compressed air or an electric blower in about 2-3 minutes. A pressure relief valve prevents excessive pressure in the framework.

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