Chrisofix hand splints

Chrisofix technology provides a splint that is stable and moldable at the same time. It allows hand therapists to quickly create orthoses that are adjustable and re-adjustable without water or heat in seconds.

Chrisofix products give clinical staff the flexibility to position limbs in the most effective way for clinical care and are comfortable for patients to wear.

Chrisofix saves you time and provides greater comfort and hygiene to the patient.

Chrisofix hand therapy

Chrisofix orthoses provide a unique combination of benefits

    • Semicircular or circular stable fixation
    • Stable and formable at the same time
    • Adjustable and re-adjustable without water or heat, in seconds
    • Can be re-adjusted directly on the patient
    • Can reduce the time spent wearing less comfortable thermoplastic or Plaster of Paris fixations
    • More hygienic and lighter than plaster whilst providing the same stability. They can be cold hand washed and most have cotton liners available for additional comfort.

A smarter solution!

Conventional splints are usually restricted to only a lineal (segmental) fixation as shown in Fig. 1.

smart solution

Chrisofix products have a unique stable and formable semicircular core fixed to the limb with textile straps, as shown in Fig. 2.

smarter solution

The Chrisofix Fixation Device (patented in 2010) fixes the limb to the orthosis, and the semicircular fixation then provides a POP-like immobilising circular fixation (Fig. 3).

smart solution drawn

This cast-orthosis is simultaneously stable and formable, and can be adjusted in seconds, without water or heat.


Since 1998, Chrisofix AG produces its range of products to meet ISO 13485:2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

Chrisofix technology provides a cast that is stable and mouldable at the same time, allowing for creation of casts and orthoses that are quickly adjustable without the need of water or heat.

They are suitable for treatment of carpal tunnel, thumb joint pain and tendonitis.

Elbow orthoses

Elbow orthoses – with adjustable angle of 90°–110° for fixation of the elbow and wrist

Elbow orthoses

For fixation of the elbow and wrist

Elbow and wrist orthosis – With adjustable angle of 90°-110°

Fixation of the elbow and wrist (pronation and supination inhibited) following injuries and surgery.

Scaphoid orthosis

Immobilisation of the carpal region after injuries especially in the case of before and after surgery.

Chrisofix products ensure a POP-like stable circular fixation. All these products can be applied and removed without water or heat in seconds. Consequently, many fixations with plaster of Paris, and thermoplastic techniques can be replaced with Chrisofix products.

Fracture-related temporary fixations, movement-stable osteosyntheses, immobilisation before and after hand surgery, all belong to the indication field of this product family. The use of the Chrisofix products results in substantial advantages, e.g. time saving, the costs of raw materials, patient’s convenience with respect to daily hygiene and earlier start of physiotherapy.

Scaphoid orthosis