If you’re in a tight situation with people’s safety on the line. We offer a range of rapid deployment shelter systems, tents designed to be easy and fast to set up, and usable in all conditions.

Interconnecting semi-permanent shelters

Our shelter and rapid deployment tent systems are perfect for use as:

  • emergency medical centres
  • command posts
  • bases for emergency response teams
  • emergency accommodation
  • shelter for sensitive equipment
  • defence personnel

Their seamless design allows for almost complete separation from the outside, keeping them clean and sanitary. Our tents are used in over 60 countries to provide immensely strong shelter in hot and cold climates.

The high-quality materials used in their construction guarantee safety and security for extended periods of time. Their stability allows them to be used in far more than just emergency situations.

Interconnecting semi-permanent shelters

Structure features include

  • 10 m² – 60 m² floor Space – interconnectable
  • Built in floors for a clean environment
  • Internal cooling and heating vents and ducts
  • Watertight and mould resistant
  • Flame, UV resistant, highly durable and tear resistant materials
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Rapid deployment shelter system suitable for your needs

At Care Company we supply a range of high-quality LANCO rapid deployment shelter system tents. With several designs to choose from, inflatable, framed and exoskeleton structures, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. Made since 1953 in Hannover Germany.

The fabric they’re made of is highly tear resistant, UV-resistant, oil and grease resistant and fire resistant. It can withstand temperatures between -30°C and 70°C, and is fungicidally treated to prevent mould growing.

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Custom colours and designs

Choose from 11 different colours in our standard range or choose custom colours to suit your requirements. We can also print logos and images on the tents. Our Australian team can customise your rapid deployment shelter system for your specific purposes, contact our team today on 1800 28 44 46 or if overseas call +613 8334 2022.

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