In the event of a disaster, you don’t have time to sit around and plan out a solution. Especially when people’s lives are at risk. With Carecompany’s range of disaster relief housing and shelter tent solutions you can quickly set up shelter in any situation. Reliable, easy to set up, and ready for any situation, our disaster relief shelter tents are designed to provide shelter when you need it most.

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High Quality Tents for Long-Lasting Shelter

Over the last 20 years we’ve continued to improve our products, aiming to provide durable, hard-wearing tents that will provide reliable shelter for as long as you need them to. Whether you’re facing heat, heavy rain, or chilling cold, our tents can stand up to the elements and provide you with the cover you need in emergency situations.

Emergency Community Hub

The Emergency Community Hub is a collection of equipment and products that may be expanded to provide secure, well-lit shelter with power generation and storage in disaster situations.

The Hub provides a community space where people can gather the immediate aftermath of an incident. It can be set up quickly with no training or experience necessary, making it ideal in situations where you’re working with all kinds of people.

In an emergency, it offers shelter and space for medical surge situations, command and control, immediate accommodation and even logistics. There is connectivity for power and light, as well as kitchen and storage space for first responders and residents.

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disaster relief housing
ARZ tent inside

Power Solutions for Emergency Response

As well as disaster relief housing, Carecompany offers a range of solutions for power generation and lighting. From solar and wind power generation systems to solar floodlights and security lights, we have everything required to lay a foundation for a self-sustaining space in an emergency.

Our shelters are used in over 60 countries to help communities in the aftermath of a major incident. With them, people globally can ensure their community gets the best solution for its needs in difficult and uncertain times.

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to the emergency response equipment you have, the Care company can provide tailored solutions to help you prepare for and act in the event of an emergency. We provide a free audit to help you work out what you already have and what else you need to ensure your community is ready. Email or call 1800 28 44 46 for a consultation.