Floor area 7.55 x 5.50m = 41m ²

Height side wall: 2 metres

Height at ridge: 2.95 metres

Packing size: approx. 125x95x60 cm

Weight: approx. 124 kg

ARZ 40 Self-erecting tent

Completely inflatable, of airtight double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [1,100 g/m²], fastened with Velcro closures to the tent skin and floor. The tent can be set up in 1.5 minutes using a compressed air kit. Depending on tent size, assembly takes 2-4 minutes when using an electric blower. A pressure relief valve prevents excessive pressure in the frame. ARZ – Self-erecting inflatable tents have a fully inflatable scaffolding. The tents are completely pre-assembled and can be set up quickly with only one electric fan or compressed air.

All supporting elements are made of airtight fabric. The scaffold hoses are welded by means of high frequency and are interconnected with transfer valves to an air chamber. The connections of the hoses are screwed against twisting to ensure a stable structure.

This modular structure of the scaffolding also allows the replacement of individual sections (ridge, eaves and trusses), in the case of serious damage.

Tent skin

Tent skin: One-sided PU coated polyester fabric [240 g/m²]; flame retardant , waterproof and mildew resistant design. Tent skin of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [490 g/m²] also available.


Floor covering of double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric [550 g/m²]. Available with non-slip embossing as option [850 g/m²].

ARZ 40 self-erecting tent


PU coated fabric in 11 different standard colours.

Standard features

2 devices at the entrances for connecting several tents

2 ventilation hoods in the gable triangle above the entrance

2 openings at the sides for passing cables, heating

hoses etc. Hanging devices on the tube framework for lighting, infusion device etc.

6 Storm Leash

10 + 6 pegs

1 Hammer

2 packs for tent skin and accessories

1 hand air pump

1 repair kit

1 installation and care instructions

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