AC, DC and Backup, the standard PowerBox has both AC and DC available, as well as a DC only version. Based on the renowned inverter-chargers from Victron Energy, PowerBox can supply 230V from 500W to 3000W.

In addition to converting power from the DC battery bank to AC, PowerBox can also be connected to a, fuel cell, generator or mains power supply. When connected, PowerBox will automatically switch away from the batteries and feeds AC power directly to the electrical equipment being used. This changeover happens in about 12ms, which is fast enough to keep even sensitive electronics continuously powered.

As well as feeding power from the generator or mains directly through, PowerBox then uses the surplus power to boost charge the battery bank simultaneously. If a backup generator with an autostart function is available, PowerBox can be set up to automatically start & stop the generator depending on the battery state of charge.

The autostart function can also be set to activate the generator when the electrical load exceeds the capacity of the onboard inverter. In these instances, PowerBox combines both power sources using Victron’s onboard Power-Assist function.

AC, DC and Backup, the standard PowerBox
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