It’s no question that renewable energy is the future. Solar power systems are more effective than ever at generating power. We can help you reduce your power bills or even disconnect from the power grid entirely. We offer a range of off grid power systems and remote solar power systems designed to help you run self-sufficient wherever you are. Choose from a wide range of solar flood lighting, solar and wind power generation and storage systems and solar LED lighting and find the perfect solution of your needs.

Easy Off Grid Power Systems Installation and Set Up

Off grid power systems can be complicated to install, not ours. The PowerBox is an all-in-one off-grid power system. It’s designed to be easy to transport and quick to deploy and can generate power day and night using a hybrid solar-wind power supply system. They work best operating low power equipment, including monitoring systems, solar LED lighting, security and more.

PowerBox is rugged and durable, generating power in even the harshest of weather conditions. Powered by smart lithium LiFePO4 batteries for dependable power storage our lights will provide you with many years of bright light. Using ultra-high-efficiency SunPower cells the PowerBox can generate over 1.5kWh of power a day in summer from solar alone. Wind power contributes another 0.5kWh to 1.5kWh of power, making the PowerBox a solid solution for anyone looking for a reliable power off-grid power supply.

Solar LED lighting systems

Our solar LED lighting systems are fit and forget. They feature a simple 5-minute DIY installation that requires no special tools or electrician.
Simply fit the solar panel, point it at the sun and set the light to illuminate the area you want. Over the course of the day, the solar panel will charge the inbuilt batteries and light up the night with no intervention required.
Our lighting solutions are designed to be used anywhere, and are perfect in areas with no direct grid connections or in situations where you simply need high-quality lighting.

Use for:

  • Security lighting and for CCTV installations
  • Car parks and public outdoor areas
  • Outdoor signage and billboard illumination
  • Building and industrial sites
  • Emergency and disaster response
  • Remote solar power systems
solar led lighting care company

Customisable remote solar power systems

Our solar panel and lithium battery pods can be connected to create larger storage solutions and connect multiple lights to a single grid. No messing around with complicated systems that need professional experience to work. If you’re planning on creating a large network of solar LED lighting, or would like to add more storage for solar power, talk to our team today and we’ll help you work out what parts you will need.

Why Choose Care Company

Our off grid power systems are designed to withstand even the toughest situations and provide stable power when you need it most.

  • Reliability
  • Our systems are known for their reliability. Made with high-quality components, they can provide constant, dependable power day and night.

  • Simple Operation
  • While our systems can be modified and adjusted to suit your needs, each is designed to be plug and play, allowing you to connect, disconnect and operate easily. Simply plug them in, connect your appliances/lights and get to work. They’re completely user friendly to improve usability in emergency situations.

  • Low Maintenance
  • As an all-in-one power system solution, care company off grid power boxes have long lasting batteries and a durable, sealed design to protect against heavy weather.

  • Safety
  • Our off grid power systems are designed with safety in mind. Grounding, sealing and proper casing all contribute to safety. We meet all the necessary safety standards and regulations.

For more information about our powerbox systems, remote solar power systems, lighting and more call the team at Care Company today.

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