Small – Chrisofix chest orthosis (rib splint) for fractured ribs

The Chrisofix rib splint is an effective and easy-to-use device for the treatment of rib fractures. It quickly reduces pain and increases the forced vital capacity (FVC). It decreases the paradoxical thoracic movement, if present, and reduces the risk of late complications. It is easy to apply securely in the correct position on the fractured rib site. The orthosis is also comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic and X-ray transparent.

Major benefits:

  • Faster pain reduction
  • Less painkiller needed
  • Accelerated recovery of respiratory function
  • Shorter hospitalisation
  • Reduced risk of pneumonia
  • Transparent to X-rays
  • Patient can take a shower with it

Small size  is 12 x 17 cm – for up to 3 fractured ribs

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