A well tested solution providing high comfort with a minimum of maintenance for in field operations. Preferred by international support teams in disaster situations. Designed for temperatures in tropical and cold climates from – 20 to + 49˚C. Climate Zones: A1 – A3, B1 – B2, C0 – C1 in accordance with STANAG 2895.

One ALPHA tent of 48 m2 may accommodate 8-20 persons, depending upon choice of accommodation equipment. Using collapsible field beds there is room for 8-16 persons. By using bunk beds, you may accommodate up to 24 persons.

ALPHA tent

Two tents sizes are available

Size: 48 m2 (6 x 8) m.

Size: 24 m2 (6 x 4) m.

Packed in a wooden transport box.

Size 48 m2, L:398 x W:113 x H:56 cm = 2.52 m3 – 485 kg (with one solid door: 513 kg)

Size 24 m2, L:398 x W:113 x H:56 cm = 2.52 m3 – 310 kg

Key features:

Connectible lengthwise and cross wise

Solid framework and high quality fabrics

Simple deployment with a minimum of manpower – no special tools required

Natural ventilation, but also prepared for use of AC/heater

Integrated PVC- floor protects against surface water and reptiles/ bugs

Optional flysheet – for added insulation and sun protection

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