Treatment for fractured or cracked ribs

Rib fracture orthosis

The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is an effective and easy to use device for the treatment of rib fractures. It quickly reduces pain and increases the forced vital capacity. It decreases the paradoxical thoracic movement, if present, and reduces the risk of late complications. The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is easy to apply securely in the correct position on fractured site. The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is also comfortable to wear, hypoallergenic and X-ray transparent.

Reduces pain immediately

The Chrisofix® Chest Orthisis has to be applied only after precise localisation of the fractured ribs by a clinician. The rough adjustment of the splint has to be performed on the non-injured side of the patient. The splint should only be bent and must not be cut. The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is for a single use of about ten days. For longer treatment a new splint might be necessary and should be applied by your clinician.

For one to seven ribs

Two sizes vaiable

Before sticking the Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis to the chest, all hair needs to be removed by shaving and the skin cleaned (degreased). 

The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is not sterile, it should not be used on an open wound. 

Two sizes are available 

Small S (12 x 17 cm) 

Large L (17 x 17 cm)

Why it works

The main component of the patented Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is a thin, corrugated aluminium core covered with non allergenic polyethylene foil and cotton laminated polyethylene coat. They can be applied and perfectly fitted to the injured body part within one minute, without water or heat. The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis limits the mobility of the injured body part. This promotes healing and reducing the amount of pain suffered.

Reduces the risk of complications

Respiratory functional tests were conducted on Chrisofix® treated patients. The figure attached shows that improvement of the forced vital capacity (FVC) became significantly accelerated starting as early as within the first hour of the treatment. Use of the chest orthosis can shorten the hospitalisation of rib fracture patients. Chrisofix® treated patients spend on average 2.2 fewer days hospitalised and is a cost effective treatment for rib fractures.

Where to get a splint from?

The Chrisofix® Chest Orthosis is now available to buy in Australia. You can order online now and the order will be sent express next working day delivery to you. A small splint for 1 to 3 fractured ribs and a large for more than 3 fractured ribs.

If you are a pharmacy or a hospital emergency department that wishes to stock these, please email us a purchase order so we arrange for shipping to you. 

Buy online - Rib splints and first aid kits

New products are coming soon!

Check out this video about the Chrisofix rib splint for broken or fractured ribs.

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