Carecompany offers a range of 240 V indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Browse our online store and contact us today to order. We can supply you with complete lighting solutions to meet your needs.

The LEDmax Task Light is a Use Anywhere Light

  • Our signature 240 volt light bar illuminates your indoor and outdoor spaces with clear, bright, natural light.
  • Built to last up to 50,000 hours, it’s the perfect solution for when you need fast brilliant light.
  • Strong and waterproof, for instant light wherever you are, inside or outside.
240 V LEd light bar
Workshop LED lights

Power: 60 W, beam angle: 110˚, CRI: ≥80

Weight: 1.60 kg

Width: 30 mm, height: 60 mm, length: 1216 mm

Lux / luminous flux: 8460 lm, luminous efficacy: 141 lm/W

Colour temperature: 5000K

Weather IP rating 66, lifetime: ≥50,000 hrs, material: Aluminium

Ambient Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +45°C, Input Voltage: AC 100-277 V

Why Choose Carecompany Lighting?

Carecompany products are used by businesses and organisations across the world. Our lights are built using high quality materials and designed to stand up to even the toughest conditions, whether that’s indoors or outdoors, in remote or metro areas. With optional solar panel integration, they can be used anywhere you need lighting fast. We can coordinate delivery to you wherever you are. Discuss your needs with our team for more information.

  • Plug and play; a standard Australian plug is already fitted for immediate use
  • Our light bars can be ceiling or wall mounted with a simple robust bracket
  • They can also be pendant-mounted by using the same clips to bring the light to the exact height you want it at
  • Multiple lights can also be hung from brackets that can hold two, three or five light bars
carecompany 240v led lights
led lights setup

Fully Customise Your Lighting Set-up

All our lighting is flexible and ready to be used any way you need it. Great for an expo stand and for workshop areas. Discuss your needs with our team and we can help you create the perfect lighting set-up for your situation and deliver those lights to you.

We provide a free customised lighting design to maximise your return on investment.

We also offer a range of other products, ranging from solar panels and batteries to different types of off-grid power systems. If you have a specific goal in mind for zero CO2 emission lighting, Carecompany can customise your solution and help you reach it.

  • Our 240 V lights have replaceable drivers and can have dimmers and remote controls
  • Functionality to connect multiple task lights together, “daisy-chaining” them to power multiple lights from the same power source easily
  • Light frequency programming to get the colour of light that suits the task at hand
  • Customised cable lengths for quick set-up
  • Our 240 V LED light bars are supplied with a standard Australian power plug for AC power
  • Our solar LED light bars have a DC solar-powered connection to one of our solar power pod battery systems.

Just plug and play – no electrician required

We provide a free customised lighting design to maximise your return on investment.

Light Bars 60W

LED light bar 60W

solar Light Bar

LED solar max light bar

LED Light Bars

LED light bars

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