We can create a free custom lighting design to fit your needs. Email us a floor plan of the area you need lit and we can provide a lighting plan to cover the area with your desired light quality.

If you have any questions about our lighting or our other products, don’t hesitate to call us today.

We can help you work out which lights are right for your needs and organise shipping to you.

emergency disaster response

Emergency disaster response lighting

temporary lighting solutions

Temporary lighting solutions

permanent lighting solutions

Permanent lighting solutions

camping resort and remote locations

Camping resort and remote locations

There is no electrician required, simply plug-and-play, reducing installation cost. Suitable for permanent and temporary installations. It includes a fully installed ready-to-use folding mount to get the correct angle for charging by the panel.

Additionally, all our lights are designed to plug-and-play, allowing them to be installed quickly and easily wherever you need them. The pod battery is removable and it can also be charged by a 240 V charger if required.

We can fully customise your lighting set-up to meet your needs. With our Australian R&D we can make your customised lights to order in small production runs.

Buy a solarMAX LED light with free shipping Australia wide.

To light an outdoor area with a multi-directional bracket to aim light in any direction, choose the 10 W light.

Solar Flood Light Dimensions
30W solarMAX light

To light an even larger area and with a multi-directional lens to aim the light to cover an area with the best use of the light being created.

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