Care companies offer a range of marine lighting solutions, helping businesses and organizations illuminate marine spaces easily. View our range of marine lights and marine flood lights online to learn more about our products and find the one that best meets your needs. All our products are durable and high-quality, designed to deliver the results you need regardless of the situation.

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Marine Light Products

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General Purpose Marine Lights

Our general purpose lights are designed to illuminate rooms and spaces easily. They’re excellent for indoor or outdoor use and compatible with all other Carecompany systems for easy connection.

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Marine Flood Lights

For illuminating larger spaces, our marine floodlights are the optimum choice. These lights are designed to withstand tough conditions, providing significant lighting when you need it most. These lights are recommended for outdoor use.

Off-Grid Lighting Solutions

Like all Carecompany products, our marine lights are designed to provide consistent, reliable lighting for as long as you need them to. They can be powered through mains power, battery, solar, or a combination of the three, ensuring you have lighting as you need it for the spaces you need it in.

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Why Choose Care Company Lighting

Carecompany brings you trusted designs with better outcomes. We’re always striving to deliver more, creating robust lighting solutions that will stand you in good stead through any conditions, wherever you are in the world. Over the last 20 years, we’ve continually improved our products. Now, we supply lighting solutions for organisations, emergency services, companies, and more throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


All our products are durable, built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heat, rain, and hail. All our lights are encased in an anti-corrosion casing to enhance their lifespan, and feature a unique pressure release valve mechanism to release heat pressure.

Easy to Use

With quick-mount brackets, multiple adjustment points for easy positioning, and modular components, our marine lighting solutions can provide you with reliable lighting where you need it most. Install anywhere you can screw them in, with only three screws to adjust for maximum versatility.


Combined with a Carecompany solar panel and battery, our marine lights can deliver up to 17 hours of light on a single charge. All our lights and other peripherals can be easily connected together to create a reliable and long-lasting lighting system.

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