When you need lighting suitable for remote areas, equipment storage, logistics compounds or high traffic pedestrian areas, Care Company’s range of solar lighting is perfect for the job. Our LED lights can provide light during the daytime and the nighttime, with solar panels charging the battery. Create a true two-way solar panel system and get lighting where and when you need it. Use inside or outside a structure that requires light at any time of the day. Connect multiple lights to multiple solar panels and create your custom lighting system. Order online today, or call our team for more information.

Plug-and-Play Solar Lights

Our range of solar lights for tents and buildings include LED floodlights, double floodlights and LED light bars. Each of our lights is interconnectable and compatible with each other, allowing you to create your own custom lighting systems to illuminate a building’s interior, exterior or a tent. Additionally, all our lights are designed to plug-and-play, allowing them to be installed quickly and easily wherever you need them. Combined with Care Company’s range of emergency tents you’re able to create shelter and illuminate an area quickly and easily.

High-Quality Solar Panels

Care Company solar panels are made of the highest quality materials to ensure high efficiency and long-lasting performance. The solar pod is an all-in-one system. It comes equipped with a 240Wh battery that will power one light bar for more than 12 hours by itself. Our solar panels are simple to use and don’t require an electrician to install. Simply plug them in wherever you need them and they will power your lights. Choose Care Company solar panels for your needs.

Solar Power Pod 40W including battery

Solar powered pod 40W including battery


LED solar max floodlight


LED solar max double floodlight

solar Light Bar

LED solar max light-bar – solar powered

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