Illuminate any indoor or outdoor location quickly with our range of temporary lighting solutions. We stock a range of floodlights, light bars, solar power lights, and off grid lights, all with easy mounting and unmounting capabilities. View our range online or discuss your needs with our team and we can connect you with the temporary lights that will meet your needs.

Professional Grade Lighting Solutions

All our lights are designed to be durable and high-quality, offering consistent lighting for hours or days at a time. With secure brackets for easy installation and high light output, they’re simple to install and use in any indoor or outdoor space. All our lights are LEDs, meaning they draw very little power when compared to other types of lights. With their heavy-duty enclosure, they can easily stand up to the heat, rain, or anything else, delivering consistent lighting as long or as short as you need them to.

If you’re not sure which lights will best meet your needs, talk to our team today. We can assess your needs and supply you with the lights that will best meet your needs. Click on individual products for more information and learn more about our lighting.

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Grid Powered or Solar Powered Temporary Lighting

Our lights support both solar power and grid power, ensuring you can connect them and use them how you want to. With options for standalone solar lighting, grid-powered lighting, or standard lighting connected to our 40W solar panels, you can choose the option that best supports your requirements. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure you’ll get consistent lighting throughout the time you need them. This feature makes them perfect for events, emergency situations, expos, and more, anywhere you need lighting fast for a specific amount of time.

Why Choose Carecompany Lighting?

Rugged and Weatherproof

We build our lighting to endure the world’s toughest situations. They’re heat resistant, water-resistant, and bug-resistant.

Smart and Simple to Use

Our lighting is designed with a screw mounting system that makes installation and positioning simple while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Consistent Lighting Throughout the Night

Our battery-powered solar lights can last 17 hours on a single charge when fully charged. They last as long as you need them to.

Choose Carecompany for Your Next Event

As well as temporary lighting, the Care company supplies robust lighting solutions for commercial or residential applications. We help customers worldwide get the lighting they need for expos, events, emergency response, healthcare, off-grid systems, and more. Discuss your needs with our team today and let us provide you with reliable, durable lights for your space.