Everything you need to provide a remote power source in a single, pallet-sized box

PowerBox is an off-grid power system that is easy to transport and quick to deploy. Designed for operating low power AC or DC equipment, everything you need to provide a remote power source is neatly fitted into a single, pallet sized box. In less than an hour, it is now possible to set up a complete solar-wind hybrid power supply, with the option of an autostart backup generator, or even a methanol fuel cell.

Applications Typical applications include:
Telemetry systems
Environmental monitoring
Remote weather stations
LIDAR & SODAR installations
Rural WiFi and broadband
Radio repeater stations
CCTV and security systems
LED lighting (disaster relief)
UPS backup power supplies

Air and Sea freight friendly: VRLA AGM batteries in the PowerBox comply with IATA Special Provisions A48 and A67 and are non-restricted goods. They are securely packaged, protected from short circuits and isolated with external switch. Each battery is strapped down, all batteries are in an internal case within an external protective metal case.

Off Grid Power Generation and Storage -1
Off Grid Power Generation and Storage -2

Rugged enclosure The PowerBox is pallet-sized, so it can be delivered on a single pallet, or even in the back of a pickup, reducing transport costs and making it possible to deploy in remote areas.

Made from galvanised steel, PowerBox is designed to be long-lasting and durable in some of the world’s harshest conditions.
Integrated solar.

The unique fold-away design of the PowerBox solar panels means that they are protected during transport and can be setup in seconds, as well as being set at the correct angle for the sun. Using two 160W ultra-high-efficiency solar panels made from Sunpower® cells, PowerBox can generate over 1.5kWh a day in summer from solar alone.

Wind-Solar Hybrid Unlike other “complete” power solutions, PowerBox comes with its own turbine and modular mast, neatly stored in the box itself. Unlike the sun, wind is a 24hour a day power source, so a hybrid wind-solar power system is significantly more productive than just solar or wind alone. In general, when there is more sun, there is less wind and vice versa. Having both wind and solar, PowerBox is a year-round power source. Fitted as standard with either our LE-300 or LE-450 turbine, wind power accounts for between 0.5kWh and 1.5kWh of power a day. For lower wind sites, we will fit the LE-450 turbine, but in higher wind areas, sites, we will fit the LE-300.

Producing power is only one half of the equation and storing that power is the other. As well as storing power to be used, the battery bank is also the “reserve”. In many parts of the world, there will be days where there is neither much sun or wind. On these days, we must rely on the reserve power to keep equipment running.

PowerBox is fitted with a bank of industrial grade deep-cycle AGM (Absorbent Glass Matting) batteries that are designed to give many years service, even when they are heavily used. AGM batteries do not contain any free-liquid electrolyte so they are much more suited to the rigours of transport.

As standard, PowerBox is fitted with six 120Ah batteries, storing a total of 8.64kWh of energy. For greater storage, you also have the option of “daisy-chaining” PowerBoxes Together.

Never use a standard car battery, as they are not designed to be discharged more than a few percent – doing so will destroy the battery very quickly. Many deep cycle batteries are also called ‘leisure batteries’ they are not designed for heavy use, ie professional grade systems.

Remote control & monitoring, the full specification PowerBox is fitted with the innovative Victron Venus GX, which provides full control over the system. When connected to the internet via the built-in Ethernet port, or via the optional WiFi receiver or 3G/4G router, live data is transmitted to Victron’s proprietary VRM Portal.

Logging in to the VRM Portal from your laptop or the mobile app, means that you can see exactly how your PowerBox is performing (live and historical), receive alarm signals by email and even change system settings remotely.

PowerBox with Absorbent Glass Matting
AC, DC and Backup, the standard PowerBox

AC, DC and Backup, the standard PowerBox has both AC and DC available, as well as a DC only version. Based on the renowned inverter-chargers from Victron Energy, PowerBox can supply 230V from 500W to 3000W.

In addition to converting power from the DC battery bank to AC, PowerBox can also be connected to a, fuel cell, generator or mains power supply. When connected, PowerBox will automatically switch away from the batteries and feeds AC power directly to the electrical equipment being used. This changeover happens in about 12ms, which is fast enough to keep even sensitive electronics continuously powered.

As well as feeding power from the generator or mains directly through, PowerBox then uses the surplus power to boost charge the battery bank simultaneously. If a backup generator with an autostart function is available, PowerBox can be set up to automatically start & stop the generator depending on the battery state of charge.

The autostart function can also be set to activate the generator when the electrical load exceeds the capacity of the onboard inverter. In these instances, PowerBox combines both power sources using Victron’s onboard Power-Assist function.

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